Far West Cowboy's Indians


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All about Cowboys

Wicks Gerald

1976, W.H. Allen, London & New York

Octavo, original (hard-cover) binding and dust-cover, abundantly illustrated with b/w photos, 160pp. Very good condition.
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Chronicles of American Indian Protest (The American Indian from the time of Colombus to today's Red Power revolution)

1971, The Council on Interracial Books
Pocket book, Compiled and edited with commentaries by The Council on Interracial Books for Children, 376pp. Very good condition.
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Indians of the Americas (American Indians, Past and Present)

Collier John

1960, The American Library of World Literature Inc. New York

Pocket book, a slightly abridged version of the higher-priced edition, 192pp. Very good condition.
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The Alamo (13 Days to Glory) (The dramatic, colorfull, true story of tha great and terrible chapter in american history - the fall of The Alamo)

Tinkle Lon

1960, The American Library of World Literature Inc. New York

Pocket book, illustrated with 2 b/w engravings out of the text, 8 pages of photo's out of the text, 176pp. + 8pp. with photo's Very good condition.
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The Rushers (Treachery and bravery: the massacre that was Custer's Last Stand)

Sanford Henry, Steeber Max

1958, Panter Book

Pocket book, Robbed of their buffalo herds and penned to their reservation, the red men saw the avaricious white-eyes coveting the sacred Black Hills for the gold ther, Crazy Horse was the tinder, Custer was the spark-and the frontier blazed!, 192pp. Very good condition.
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Begraaf mijn hart bij de bocht van de rivier (Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee)

Brown Dee

1973, Hollandia BV, Baarn

Octavo, softcover, originele uitgifteband, 49 illustraties, dit boek beschrijft de ondergang van de Indianen in Noord-Amerika (geschreven door een indiaan), 392pp. 7de druk. Zeer mooie staat.